The Kentucky was designed by Leon Liversage to give the rider the security of a western saddle with all the privileges of an endurance saddle. It has a medium fit and has a deep snug seat for jittery horses. This saddle was a joined venture between father and son.



Enduro Light

Enduro Light: The Enduro light is designed specifically for Endurance riding. This saddle is the lighter version of the full leather enduro. Multiple stirrup adjustments.



Leather Kreme

Leather Kreme moisturizes leather and keeps it soft and supple. It's that simple using Leather Kreme.



Pets - Dogs & Cats

Shiny Pet

Shiny Pet will put the shine back into your pets coat and give your pet the weight it needs to remain healthy and in perfect condition. Shiny Pet repairs the gut environment and boosts your pets immune system.



Biothane Dog Leash (60 inches)

This is a great dog leash that is easy to wash and strong to keep your best friend safe and close by while out and about.





We invented this tool to help you perform a trim on your horse hoof based on anatomy and according to a bone reference. Easy to use and accurate. The points known as coronary gaps identified on the hairline are definitely the most distal bone reference one can hope for without x-rays.




Stretch Tent

Create the perfect outdoor atmosphere and have so much more outdoor living space. The tents are simple to setup and a one person job. They withstand wind very well and waterproof options are available on special request. Tents can be tied down with normal rope or tied to your trailer and the process is easy and quick and does nor require any special changes to your trailer. We also cater for special sizes to cover your horse too if you need that.