We successfully sponsored the use of heart rate monitors at more than 10 AERC endurance competitions during 2019/2020/2021 and we want to extend this sponsorship to all other ride managers in the USA. (Big Horn, Antelope Island, Jingle Bells, Freeze R Burn and many more) We will provide the monitors free of charge.

  • Category: Endurance


The benefits of heart rate monitors are listed below:

1. Accurate heart rate result for the horse athlete to the exact heart beat

2. Realtime monitoring of the horse heart rate

3. Independent result that is free of external interference - noise, wind etc.

4. Visual display for both officials and riders to view

5. COVID-19 friendly device that can be disinfected easily and simply

6. Safer for PNR officials around difficult horses

7. Faster turnaround for PNR officials when groups of horses gather

8. The heart rate monitor can immediately evidence recovery or stress

9. Battery life : 24 months if heart rate monitor used for 15min per day 

10. Battery replacement : CR2032 in both watch and heart rate monitor

NOTE : Heart rate monitors are complimentary tools and do not replace veterinary inspections where veterinarians can listen to the heart for any abnormalities as well as normal inspections.