Hoof Simulators

Hoof training stand with magnetic hooves

This training stand allows you to simulate a horse leg for training purposes and glue or nail on shoes. Comes with 2 replacement hooves.


Magnetic replacement hoof (for hoof training stand)



Hoof pole

This hoofpole training setup simulates holding a horses leg and the hoof between your legs to assist in training. The hoof can be glued or nailed. It come with 2 free hooves.


Pole replacement hoof

Replacement hoof for the Hoof Pole.


Hoof balance check

Use this smart device to check if your horse hoof is balanced properly. Comes with 10 sheets


Hoof Tool

This tool allows you to mark on the hoof an actual bone reference that gives you the correct centers of the hoof from which to trim the horse hoof.